European kitchen cabinets in Sacramento: a piece of Europe in your home

Euro style kitchens keep gaining popularity: they are beautiful, roomy, and affordable. Each country and even continent has their characteristic design traits. American kitchens tend to be spacious, open-planned, with lots of countertops and storage places. Euro style cabinets are more compact, decorated and quaint - but no less sturdy and functional.



Base Line

Our Base Line collection includes the most popular and affordable still sturdy, elegant and high-quality articles.


Cheap kitchen cabinets will serve your family for generations – there is literally nothing to break down, nothing excessive, over-decorative and unnecessary.


Why are our kitchen cabinets cheap? Because we produce them by ourselves and use natural but inexpensive MDF material. Another reason – simple and classical design without elaborated features and baroque-style trinkets.


Shaker kitchen cabinets are a solid base for every interior style, ranging from Rustic to Modern. Just pick up the colour and decide on the exact design, and we’ll deliver your purchase, assemble and install it in no time!


European style cabinets for worthy ladies and gentlemen with ambitions.


Premium kitchen cabinets are not as cheap as Base Line collection, but still affordable, especially, taking into consideration that they will serve your family for dozens of years.


EScabinetry is one of few European kitchen cabinets manufacturers which provide a full-service production cycle. We create elaborated still classy and elegant pieces of furniture, we consider common trends and use them as a base for our own designs. All our collections and articles are unique and inimitable. Need something more creative? Order a customized project and purchase a kitchen cabinet which you’ll never spot anywhere else!


Want to save money and look for a good bargain? Check out our kitchen cabinets for sale and find the one you’ll love!


The American dream has come true. Best kitchen cabinets are made of luxurious materials; they feature ceramic door handles and massive drawers. Luxury kitchen cabinets strike your imagination with the finest details, ceramic finish, strong geometric lines and their classy look.


This line includes only custom cabinets that have nothing in common with mass-market production.


High-end kitchen cabinet makers know that furniture sets the tone for your lifestyle and never underestimate the importance of nuances.

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Kitchen cabinet replacement

There are two reasons for “refreshing” your old kitchen: 1. It may be already shabby and time-worn; 2. You may just want to try something new.

If you want to change your interior completely, you’ll need a full kitchen remodel. We make it easy for you. Drop by our showroom to discuss options and see the cabinets we have in stock. Once the details are discussed we will measure your kitchen, assemble, and then install the cabinets. The whole process will take several days or a week at most!

Kitchen remodeling in Sacramento: Costs

The final cost includes the following: measurements, Euro kitchen cabinets delivery and installation. Just give us a call or fill out the form on the site, and we’ll estimate all your possible expenses.

European cabinets in Sacramento: how long does the project take?

Surprisingly, not long at all. We have our most popular European cabinets in stock here in Sacramento, so if you select something we have in stock we can deliver and install it within a few days. If you want a different color, finish or want to customize your European cabinets in any other way, it may take a little longer. Still have doubts? Choose the best kitchen cabinets in Sacramento. Give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions!

Design according to your dimensions

Do you already have a kitchen idea? Wonderful! We will implement it. Our capabilities will make all your kitchen dreams come true.

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See the kitchen of your dream in the photo? Show us! And we will reproduce it exactly.

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