Industrial look kitchen  


Industrial look kitchen has become a fascinating design trend, offering a bold and modern twist on traditional kitchen spaces. Rooted in the Industrial Revolution, this style incorporated the cold and rough aesthetics of factories and storage facilities, while adding contemporary elements and functionality.
If you are drawn to industrial aesthetics or want to add an eclectic touch to your kitchen design, in this text we will explore the appeal of industrial kitchen cabinets, their design features and how they can transform a kitchen into a dynamic and visually appealing space. Join us in discovering their inherent charm.

Industrial kitchen layout  

Industrial-style kitchen cabinets are solidly built, often showcasing exposed metal, warped wood, and minimalist hardware. Modern industrial kitchen design draws inspiration from the past while showcasing sleek lines, clean surfaces and ultra-modern appliances, resulting in a harmonious blend of old world charm and contemporary sophistication. Simplicity is key in the design of a simple industrial kitchen.

Color pantone  for industrial kitchen 

Color palette plays a crucial role in defining the atmosphere and character of any interior design style, and the industrial kitchen is no exception. Embodying a rarefied and utilitarian aesthetic, the industrial kitchen color palette sets the tone for a space that is bold, and visually arresting. While the traditional industrial design color scheme revolves around shades of gray, black and white, modern interpretations have expanded the possibilities to include a range of hues to create unique and personalized industrial kitchen spaces. From warm earth tones to cool metallic hues, the color palette for industrial kitchens allows for creative expression while maintaining a special manufacturing touch. 

Industrial style kitchen materials

Inspired by the raw and utilitarian charm of factories and warehouses, industrial-style kitchen materials have a rough but refined appeal. Our kitchens use wood chips, resin, melamine, and most importantly, all components are organic.
Exposed brick walls, concrete floors and reclaimed wood are often used to create a sense of industrial authenticity. These materials give the kitchen space a sense of history and character.
Metal is another characteristic material for industrial kitchens, with stainless steel, iron and aluminum taking center stage. From industrial-style kitchen cabinets and countertops to fixtures and appliances. Their durability and ease of care make them ideal for kitchens.